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The Uniglobe company caters to the travel needs of people. The organization strives to be a one-stop shop for people who love to travel.As a reputed player within the tourism sector, Uniglobe trains their staff such thatthey are alwaysmake the customers feel comfortable when the personnel are contacted for any queries in relation to any travel bookings.

Customers can opt for money transfers or card payments to complete the transactions. Customers will then receive a confirmation of the flight booking on the mail address, which they have entered while registering on the website. The customers can take a printout of the received mail and they must carry a copy while travelling. This is important because they will be requested by the airline staff to submit a written proof about their travel confirmation.

Customers who wish to travel via the air transport mode can contact the company for any assistance they may need with respect to their travel plans.Customers can avail the option of making flight bookings via the online method.The related travel information is required from the customers, including the dates, timings and seating preferences. The customers may also need to register themselves on the website, where they must share personal details including mailing addresses and phone numbers. Customers can check the available flights on the concerned dates after entering the required information. Toll-free numbers are also listed on the company web pages for customers to call, if the need to talk with the company personnel arises.

As a tourism company, Uniglobe also arranges accommodation in reputed hotels for their esteemed patrons, where they can be comfortable during their travel sojourns.A range of budget hotels are available for customers and they can make their selection accordingly. Customers are required to inform the company on the telephone about their room requirements after, which the available hotel choices are conveyed to the customer. The details of the numerous hotel deals can be viewed and bookings for the same can be done on the company website. Different hotel deals present divergent prices.

For online flight bookings, the requisite information should be input by the customers, within the relevant boxes displayed on the website. Thereafter, the flight availability information for the different deal offeringsis exhibited. The customers are required to compare the prices of the varied deals. They can then select the preferred option and confirm their choice with a few clicks. Payment for the selected deals can also be made on the website.

Customers can compare the prices of the shortlisted hotel deals after which the reservations can be confirmed as per the customer preferences.Efforts are made to make the entire process user-friendly and hassle-free for the company’s respected clientele. The company managers work closely with their Hotel associates to design special promotional packages to offer the best deals to the end-users. You can be assured that the hotel prices of the hotel deals are competitive, so the customers can enjoy the benefits of the lowest available rates.

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UniGlobe, as an online travel organization, offers various services to its customers to make their journeys memorable. The company has tie-ups with the leading airlines, reputed hotels and car rental service providers to cater to the customer’s travel needs.Efforts are made to make available numerous travel deals from which the customers can choose those options which are most suited to them keeping in mind their preferences. The esteemed patrons are also provided with round-the-clock customer support if they face any discomfort during the travel bookings or trips. We invite people to opt for our company to chart out the travel itinerary for the places they would like to visit and for them to experience the best that customer service has to offer.


The travel deals which the company makes available for their clientele can be viewed on the company website. Only the minimal information, including their travel dates would be required to enable them to check the available options within that range. Customers can browse through the numerousalternatives and confirm their choice in a matter of minutes and with a few clicks. Being seated within the comforts of their home, the company clients can confirm their bookings and make the payment for the travel deals also.


Hotel reservations can also be done through the online platform, when customers visit the company webpages. Details such as the dates and room types need to be selected from the drop-down boxes. Thereafter, several hotel deals which conform to the requirements are presented. The hotel rates are also exhibited for the sake of price comparison of the different hospitality deals. The amenities, which the hotel provides for their customers include – restaurants serving varied cuisines, 24/7 room service, laundry facilities, wireless internet access and shuttle transport to the hotel from the airport on arrival.


Executive rooms or suites can be booked and you also have the option of choosing smoking or no-smoking spaces. Functional bathrooms attached to the bedrooms are other benefits extended to the customers, as part of the hospitality package. Gyms within the hotel premises are additional services, which customers can enjoy during their stay. Jogging tracks, bike-hire services and golf courses at the hotel are other conveniences which customer can take advantage of.


Some people like to hire private cars to tour the foreign destination. To cater to these customers, we enter into agreements with car rental services, where the deals are finalized after taking into consideration the customer concerns.Customers looking to hire vehicles can avail the deals offered by our car rental partners. You can be assured that the prices quoted by our business associates are reasonable. You can drive the car on your own or request for Chauffeurs during the car rental bookings.


The travel deals proposed by the company are designed after thorough analysis of what the customer expects for their money’s worth. Customer satisfaction is given prime importance and to take a step in the concerned direction the company devises those deals, where maximum output at the optimum price can be availed.

our services

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